Serengeti Gallery 7919 Central Ave.

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7919 Central Avenue, Capitol Heights 20743, MD, USA

Walk-In: Tuesday thru Saturday 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Appointments: Available 7-Days

Call: (301)808-6987

Email: art@srngti.com

Invigorating Culture Through Art
In the heart of Prince George’s County, Maryland, Serengeti Gallery has been providing fine art services since 1987. We are located at 7919 Central Avenue, Capitol Heights, Maryland 20743, USA.

Transformational Art Gallery In The Heart of Prince George’s County

Effortlessly combining art from all African walks with a live social element, Serengeti makes the elusive inviting for all.  Serengeti’s blend of featured works is curated by West, whose personal taste is as eclectic as the gallery’s walls suggest—“You  can travel four thousand miles without leaving our main show room”.  Best of all, the Gallery is visitor-friendly.  Discover a hidden nook, drop in on a Haitian market scene, or try your hand at one of the house-made scavenger hunts. 

A Treasure of African-American Art and Culture

The Gallery fancies itself a cultural oasis: walls are camouflaged with an eclectic mix of framed art, bronze sculpture and wood carvings abound, and a music selection that keeps visitors guessing.  At the core is Gallery Founder, Wisson West, who seems to transform the space on a whim.  He spends leisure time building elaborate props and furnishings (like the roving display panels, cowry-embellished side-tables, and coveted ten-foot totem poles) and concealing them cleverly in plain sight.

At Serengeti Gallery, you will find all types of artwork by all types of African artists, including sculpture, bronzes, textiles, masks, jewelry, wearable art and more. We also offer white glove conservation framing services to clients in the D.C. metro area. Our revolving collection of exquisite African artworks is curated by Wisson West. This art gallery is a must-visit destination for enthusiasts and art collectors.
Welcome– Karibu!